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5 secrets no pizzaiolo will ever tell you.......

Did you know that in order for you to get the best authentic italian pizza with the fastest ever, there are 5 criterias  that must be met !?!

"The ingredients"

The best flour utilized by every italian pizzaiolo is the "5 Stagioni" , beacue the best pizza comes only from the best flour!!! Furthermore the tomato souce must be done exlucisvely from fresh "Summarzano's tomato" and the best brend by chapmions choice is "Mutti", to be topped exculsively with a thin line of italian extra vergin olive oil and 8 grams of salt per kilo of toamtos. And what about mozzarella cheese, of course you must not use anything else then real italin fresh mozzarella, and not one of those cheap processed cheese!


 "Dough time"

Like every prima donna, the best pizza dough needs his beauty sleep, in order to give the best results when the time comes, we let the dough speel for 24hr so that all the right fermentation and tenderness comes into place, right before topping it up and baked it just for you!


 "Balls opening"

Opening pizza dough balls it's no easy task.... you must be gentile but firm at the same time, you must not put much pressure on the dough or it will loose all the the air that has been rising and fermenting during the beauty sleep!


 "Tomato souce"

First rule....DON'T BE STINGY, laing a bed of tomato is what combines amezing toppings with the most delivsous dough, you can't be stingy with that! When you first bite that juicy slice of pizza, you want to feel the freshness of the ingredient right in your palate!


 "Delivery Time"

Pizza must be enjoyed within few minutes from being made! It must arrive still piping hot and with delicious melting and stringy mozzarella, that'w why we promise all our customer to deliver within 30 minutes!

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